Maria is 16 and in a sophomore.  Maria started cooking with her mother when she was 4 years old with the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe. When she was 6 she started helping her mom cook on Amateur Kitchen. Maria is one of the pickiest eaters out there but since starting to cook with her mom her palette has expanded. Maria loves to get her hands dirty in the kitchen that’s why she is so excited that she can show all foodies what she can do in the kitchen.


Jen grew up in Watertown, SD and her childhood memories are filled with gathering around the table for Sunday dinners at her grandparents house. She remembers rolling up her sleeves with her grandma and aunt and helping out with dinner and the dessert. This was a time for her family to sit down and reminisce on the week and relax as a family. Jen wants to carry that same tradition with her husband and daughter. She loves to cook classics that are pasted down from generations in her family and she also love to develop new recipes.

Jen is excited to show all foodies what her grandma has taught her and she couldn’t be more happy to share this experience with her husband and daughter.

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  • Mother-Daughter Cooking Duo
  • Building Lasting Memories
  • Cooking with Kids
  • Making Meals Healthier
  • Sharing Family Recipes
  • No Professional in this Kitchen
  • ​Catching it all on Film

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