Waffle Ingredients: 
2 cups of warmluke milk
1 packet of yeast
4 eggs, separated
2 tbls of sugar
½ cup of butter, 1 stick
2 ½ cups of cake flour
2 tsp of cinnamon
¼ tsp of nutmeg, preferred fresh
1 vanilla bean or 1 ½ tsp of vanilla extract
½ tsp of salt

Warm milk for 1 minute in microwave or on stovetop. Pour the yeast in the milk and let sit for 5 minutes or until bubbly on top. In the meantime separate the egg yolks and whites into two separate bowls. Whip the egg whites to a medium peak and set aside. Blend together egg yolks with sugar, slowly incorporate milk and butter into egg yolk mixture.

In a separate bowl mix together the dried ingredients: cake flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and salt. Slow pour dry ingredients into the egg yolk, milk and butter mixture. Once combined fold in the whipped egg whites. Allow for mixture to sit at room temperature for 45 minutes. Then make waffles to waffle maker instructions.

Bacon Ingredients:
1 lb of bacon, I used thick sliced
Approx. ½ cup of brown sugar

Preheat oven to 425° 
Place bacon onto a slotted roasting pan with aluminum foil at bottom to catch the fat and make for easy clean up. Sprinkle brown sugar over bacon liberally and place in oven for 25 minutes or until desired crispiness.

~Optional: Fresh fruit, whipped cream, syrup Serve and Enjoy!

Belgium waffles with brown sugar bacon